Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Social Network (2010)

[**** stars / *****] 

Filled with characters going blah-blah-blah, The Social Network could have been a bore of a movie. 

After all, this is about the real and alleged founders of Facebook, the global social networking phenomenon, of people who mostly sat at their desks and typed code. 

The great outdoors - sunshine, rain and a rowing race make fleeting appearances. In fact, the film has most characters seated, most of the time. 

Instead, thanks to the genius of a screenplay adaptation by Aaron Sorkin of the Ben Mezrich book - The Accidental Billionaires, and David Fincher's (Seven, Fight Club) serene, matter-of-fact vision  of the proceedings, we get a gem of a picture - contemporary, one of the wittiest and funniest films ever, a tongue-in-cheek perception into the world of the so-called nerds.

No other movie has keyed into the detained borders of the computer and Internet world with such delicious bite. Go for it!

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