Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Kaagaz Ki Kashti: Jagjit Singh Come Alive (2017)

Kaagaz Ki Kashti: Jagjit Singh Come Alive is a lively chronicle of the late legendary ghazal singer's life. The documentary is a compilation of interviews with Jagjit's relatives, collaborators, poets and friends, along with a treasure house of archival material featuring the singer. 

It is in the archival material, showcasing Jagjit's exuberant, humourous personality, where the documentary truly comes alive. Then there is the silken voice and the songs, the sheer mastery and audience connect. Jagjit's death in 2012 ended the ghazal's reign in popular Indian culture. 

Kaagaz Ki Kashti: Jagjit Singh Come Alive is a celebratory chronological account, from the great singer's birth in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, showcasing his amazing talent to perform his own composition at the age of 13, defying his Sikh traditions...right up to committing to 70 concerts a year as part of his 70th birthday celebrations and the sudden demise. 

Ghazal fans will love everything about this intimately-made documentary, right down to the funny end credits. 

Kaagaz Ki Kashti: Jagjit Singh Come Alive is absolute nostalgia gold, a lovingly pieced together life story of a man who followed his heart. There was truly nobody as alive as Jagjit Singh.  

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