Saturday, 24 September 2016

Suicide Squad (2016)

Suicide Squad is the latest comic-books-to-film-adaptation casualty. Following events after Superman's death from the disappointing DC-Zack Synder venture, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), the same multi-starer vs story problems plague Suicide Squad. 

A superb anti-hero crime-fighting team premise is strangled by lazy (snore!) screenplay writing. Character introductions are mandatory, assembly-line stuff. Antagonists are 'whatever', no-purpose world destroyers. Somebody always has to make a world-destructing appearance that superheroes make their reputation. 

There is some crackle in the humor and backtalk, that soon dies a non-exploding death. Glimpses of inspired performances are badly let down by the biggest cinema villain ever: Non-existent story. 

Jared Leto's rocking Joker interpretation barely gets screen space. Margot Robbie gives her best performance yet as the crazy Harley Quinn, Will Smith tries resurrecting a flimsily built hitman role.The rest are all good, but movie making buffoonery can't be carried around for long.      

We have seen too much of VFX in the last two decades, thanks to the superhero and fantasy film flood. If anything awes cinema-goers timelessly, it is story and treatment. Suicide Squad shockingly lacks both, its first half barely standing and to call the latter part 'a drag' is grossly understating it. 

What works in comic books doesn't always translate to film, a reoccurring event at cinema screens lately. Suicide Squad is guaranteed to leave you in shreds.

Final Word 
Box-office collections have nothing to do with cinematic quality. Ever.  

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